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12- Kills Existing Charity Gambling

Political and Legal Damage

12. A slot casino will kill existing charity gambling.

In the past, Millennium Gaming has proposed a casino with charity gambling areas (subject to statutory bet limits) co-located with casino high stakes table games (without statutory bet limits). Obviously, casinos will quickly wipe out charity gambling and charity gambling operations.

The “hold-harmless” provision previously offered by Millennium to charities would, for example:

(a) Freeze total charity gambling revenues at present levels

(b) Force charities to lobby Millennium and the state’s gambling regulatory authority every year for their individual budgets (because the hold harmless is only for the total amount for all charities)

(c) Freeze out charity gambling funding for new charities addressing new needs and existing charities facing growing needs

(d) Subject charities to the reality that the legislature retains the power to cut or eliminate hold harmless funding levels at any time.

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