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17- Labor Can’t Trust Gambling Industry Promises

Political and Legal Damage

17. Labor should not trust gambling industry promises.

Quoting from AFL-CIO’s 3/16/09 and 7/7/08 blogs: “Two years ago, 80 percent of casino dealers at Caesars Atlantic City voted in favor of UAW representation. Full- and part-time dealers and slot techs at Tropicana Casino and Resort, Trump Plaza and Bally’s also have voted to form their own unions, but casino operators have either refused to bargain or stalled the negotiating process. The same situation exists in Las Vegas, where casino dealers at Wynn and Caesars Palace voted for TWU by an overwhelming margin within the past two years after management tried to grab their tip money and cut their pensions and other benefits, but casino executives there also have failed to meet their responsibilities to bargain fairly with workers… [Connecticut casino] workers also have filed 35 unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB against the casino.”

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