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21- Gambling Addiction will Double

Addiction, Crime, and Public Health Damage

21. Gambling addiction will double in host and surrounding communities.

The National Gambling Impact Study Commission found that casinos double gambling addiction within a 50 mile radius of their location.

The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling found that residents living within 15 to 20 miles of the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun resort casinos have a 5 times greater risk of suffering gambling addiction or gambling problems compared with persons living more than 60 miles distant. Resort casinos provide no protection against addiction.

Welte, et al  found that problem and pathological gambling frequency more than doubled to over 7 percent of the population within 10 miles of a casino.

The NH Gaming Study Commission (2010) found that a single casino such as that proposed for Salem would cause an additional 7,000-14,000 New Hampshire residents to become pathologically addicted or problem gamblers see pages GSC 21 and 99. Contrary to the bogus assertion by the gambling lobby, these addicted gamblers do not already exist here.

These are among the reasons that virtually every New Hampshire faith organization across the political spectrum opposes slot casinos.

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