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25- Expanded Gambling Harms Children

Addiction, Crime, and Public Health Damage

25. Expanding gambling will harm New Hampshire children.

There is no means to confine the impact of legalized slot casino gambling to adults.

The 2008 Youth Gambling in Connecticut survey of 4,500 high school students found: 9 percent had committed illegal acts related to gambling (with half of those being arrested for the act); 16 percent gambled on slot machines, 6 percent at a casino (even though illegal). Here are the top four things students describe as important to prevent youth gambling problems: parents who don’t involve kids in gambling; parents who don’t gamble; fun activities free of gambling; fear of loss of possessions, friends and relatives to gambling problems.

Rutgers University found that teens are twice as likely to be heavy gamblers if their parents gamble. Teens are one-third more likely become level 3 (pathological) gamblers if their parents gamble.

The University of Delaware found that almost one-third of 8th and 11th graders in that casino state had gambled in the past year. Those Delaware teens gambling over the past month were two to three times more likely than non-gambling peers to smoke, binge drink, steal, or use illegal drugs. Student test scores drop. High school drop out rates increase.

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