Say Yes to New Hampshire. Say NO to Casinos.

7- Damage to the NH family-friendly brand

Economic Damage

7. Casinos would damage New Hampshire’s healthy, family-friendly brand.

If casinos are legalized in New Hampshire, the money that will be spent by their owners to promote them will dwarf the budget we currently have for state tourism, which promotes our state’s family-friendly brand. To put it in perspective, over the course of a year Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut spend more than $25 million in advertising.

Sally Stitt, president of Star Media of New Hampshire, who has played a pivotal role for over twenty years in helping protect and enhance the New Hampshire brand, told the NH Gaming Study Commission in 2010 that gambling industry marketing and promotional activity would “dwarf” New Hampshire’s aggregate state and individual company tourism marketing and would “drown out” the very healthy New Hampshire brand messages (by a ratio of more than 3 to 1).

Total private, state, Joint Promotional Program and match money tourism marketing is now about $7 million annually. A New Hampshire casino would spend $15-30 million annually for $300 million in gross profit (applying typical gambling industry marketing budgets of 5-10 percent).

Look at this Millennium casino website and ask yourself: is this the image and reputation we wish to cultivate for our state? Is this image consistent with the New Hampshire brand?

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