Say Yes to New Hampshire. Say NO to Casinos.


The Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling and Casino Free New Hampshire are non-partisan, not-profit organizations dedicated to stopping the expansion of gambling in New Hampshire.

Why? We want to preserve our New Hampshire quality of life, keep our state family-friendly, encourage local business and keep or towns and cities low crime zones.

If New Hampshire lets one casino in, there will be no stopping them. No state has stopped at one. Big gambling means big problems for New Hampshire.

Say Yes to New Hampshire. Say NO to Casinos.

Supporting organizations include:

  • Cornerstone Policy Research
  • Episcopal Diocese of NH
  • League of Women Voters of New Hampshire
  • New Hampshire Chiefs of Police
  • New Hampshire Council of Churches
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester
  • New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association
  • Private citizens from throughout the state opposed to putting New Hampshire’s quality of life at risk in exchange for tax revenue from commercial gambling