Say Yes to New Hampshire. Say NO to Casinos.


Opiod and Gambling Addiction – the Nexus

Clifton Below, Casino Free NH, April 2017 & 2015

Proximity Matters! The Closer to a Casino, the More Problem Gamblers

Clifton Below, Casino Free NH, April 2015

Potential Benefits and Harms From Casinos in NH

Clifton Below, Casino Free NH, April 2015

Observations on CT Crime Rates Pre-Casino vs. Post-Casino

Hartford Courant, Mar. 2015

Excerpts from The Impacts of Gambling in CT

Spectrum Gaming Group, 2009

Why the NH House Consistently Rejects Casinos and Slots Gambling

Casino Free NH, Jan. 2015

A summary of issues defining the NH casino debate; the status of casino gambling in northeastern states; NH Governors’ positions on the issue

History of Casino Gambling Bills in NH

Casino Free NH, Jan. 2015

A summary of legislative attempts to legalize casino gambling and slot machines

Expanded Gambling in New Hampshire: an Update on Options

NH Center for Public Policy Studies, Feb. 2013

This paper presents the results of the latest update to the Center’s model of the potential impact of expanded gambling on New Hampshire.

Why Casinos Matter: Thirty-one Evidenced-based Propositions From the Health and Social Sciences

Council on Casinos, 2013

This report states that legalized gambling as “fun” entertainment is a relatively new phenomenon and outlines why the impact of casinos on American society matters whether you gamble or not.

Casinos and Political Corruption in the United States: a Granger Causality Analysis

Douglas M. Walker and Peter T. Calcagno, 2011

Two economists found that corruption convictions increased after casinos were legalized. According to their analysis, the corrupting influence of casino interests was at work a year or two before casinos were legalized, too.

New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission’s Final Report (pdf)

New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission appointed by Governor Lynch, May 2010

The Commission’s review of various models for expanded gaming and their potential to generate state revenues, as well as an assessment of the social, economic and public safety impacts of gaming options on the quality of life in New Hampshire.

Never a Sure Bet. Gambling Interests Spend Millions on Ballot Measures in Nine States (pdf)

The National Institute of Money in State Politics, October 2009

The Institute found that in the eight states holding referenda on gambling expansion in 2008, the gambling industry outspent opponents of gambling expansion by 48-to-1.

Casinos, Crime, & Community Costs (pdf)

Earl L. Grinols and David B. Mustard, Revised September 2004

A peer-reviewed study examining the relationship between casinos and crime. The most rigorous and widely-cited on the subject. This study quantifies the link between casinos and increases in aggravated assault, rape, robbery, larceny, burglary and auto theft in counties hosting casinos.