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22- Treatment Does Not Repair the Damage

Addiction, Crime, and Public Health Damage

22. Gambling addiction treatment does not repair the harm gambling causes.

The American Journal of Psychiatry study found that – even when such services are available – only 7 percent of lifetime pathological gamblers sought or received treatment. Only 6% sought treatment in a study of Ontario problem gamblers.

In a literature review, Petry et al found that “only 8 percent of [Gamblers Anonymous] attendees achieve a year of abstinence.”

An analysis of a U.S. National Epidemiological Survey found that only 9.1 percent of gambling addicts used either GA or other treatment programs.

Nowatzki and Williams (page 8) found that only 0.4 to 1.5 percent of Canadian problem gamblers sign up for self-exclusion programs.

Those genuinely concerned about gambling addiction will acknowledge that the only effective means to address the problem and prevent the increase of problem gambling is to keep New Hampshire casino free.

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