Say Yes to New Hampshire. Say NO to Casinos.

6- Large Tax on Consumer Spending

Economic Damage

6. The slot casino tax is a large tax on consumer spending.

Millennium Gaming has spent millions of dollars blanketing our state with ads making the claim that casino taxes are not taxes. At the proposed 25 percent rate on slot machine gross profits, the casino tax rate would be the highest on any activity in our state.

Moreover, casino taxes would be imposed on consumer spending cannibalized from lower-taxed and tax-free economic activity such as dining, retail, and entertainment … in essence a large, thinly concealed tax hike the size of a 3-4 percent retail sales tax.

Assuming $75 million in annual New Hampshire gambling revenues from one border casino, the casino tax would be the most substantial new tax since imposition of the Business Enterprise Tax.

For this and other reasons, every New Hampshire anti-tax group opposes casino legalization.

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