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8- Casino Wages are Low

Economic Damage

8. Casino wages are low. The local cost of a casino exceeds any revenue or benefits to its host and surrounding communities. 

Many of the operational jobs at casinos are relatively low paying service jobs, with many positions paying less than $10-$12/hour, and many tip-based and part-time jobs. Due to the expected location of a casino in Salem, many, if not most employees, both in the construction and operational phases, can be expected to be Massachusetts residents.

To the extent that casinos in NH draw their revenue from spending that would otherwise go to other sectors of the local and regional economy (which appears to be the vast majority of the expected revenue) then job gains at a casino may be at the expense of job losses distributed throughout the area surrounding the casino from which most spending will be drawn.

Unlike most types of development, casinos have regional impacts on costs of roads, schools, water/sewer, police/fire protection and quality of life. While host communities must vote by referendum to approve a casino, surrounding communities are given no voice or control whatsoever.

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